Your Bathroom Flooded: What Do You Do Next?

Your Bathroom Flooded: What Do You Do Next?

The unthinkable happens: you encounter a disaster in your home. Specifically, the bathroom is full of water that flows where it shouldn’t. When you walk into an immensely stressful situation like this, it is tempting to let your fight-or-flight mode kick in. Yet, you must push this feeling away and trudge forward—literally—into the murky mess. So, what do you do after your bathroom floods?

Turn Off Your Water

As soon as you notice the water flooding your bathroom, the first thing you should do is turn off your water valve. The water will continue to leak unless you directly stop the flow. The water-based appliances in your bathroom should have a shut-off valve near the piping. Toilets and sinks will have an oval knob that you can turn to stem the water at the source. If this does not stop the water, you may have a more complex problem with the piping. At this point, go outside to the main water shut-off and cut the water to your whole home.

Check the Room for Safety

In the aftermath of a bathroom flood, your immediate response will be to grab a bucket and start bailing the water out. While this purging inclination is good, it isn’t always the safest first move. After arriving at the scene, you must check the room to ensure it’s safe to enter.

Depending on the location of your electrical sockets and the severity of the flood, water could be dangerously close to an electrical source. This could result in a life-threatening electrical shock, so you turn off the breaker for that area. Inspect the water itself and see what, if anything, is floating around. The last thing you want to do is endanger your health by wading through water laden with anything from backed-up sewage to metal razors.

Document and Clean Up

Most homeowners are financially responsible for every last penny when it comes to emergency repairs—there’s no landlord to call. This solitary responsibility is why people have homeowner’s insurance. Before you address the mess, photograph and document the damage. Give your insurer a call and see what they have to say about the problem. They may have specific recommendations or requirements to secure financial compensation for the flooding disaster.

After a catastrophic home malfunction such as this one, you’ll find yourself asking, “What do you do after your bathroom floods?” Well, now you have some quick steps to begin the road to recovery. Once you diagnose the problem, you can craft a reaction plan to fix the clogged drain, runny faucet, or burst pipe. If you have any further questions or issues with the water or piping in your home, reach out to us at Allegiance Service Group today. Our team specializes in fast-response services like emergency drain cleaning, so let us help you make sense of a frustrating situation.