What To Do When Your Sump Pump Smells Like Sewage

Bad smells in your basement could indicate significant problems with your sump pump. Discover what to do when your sump pump smells like sewage.
What To Do When Your Sump Pump Smells Like Sewage

Your sump pump is crucial in safeguarding your property from potential flooding. However, this piece of equipment can occasionally emit foul smells, a warning sign of potential problems. Continue reading to learn the possible causes of this issue and what to do when your sump pump smells like sewage.

Sewer Line Leaks or Bursts

There’s a chance your sewer line is leaking or has completely burst, causing raw sewage to saturate the surrounding groundwater. If either of these happens, your sump pump basin can absorb the overflow of groundwater and sewage that invades the basin, leading to incredibly unpleasant smells. The sewage stench from the sump pit may be sporadic at first, but it can become more persistent as the condition worsens.

The sewer line problems that cause these sump pump odors require immediate plumbing attention. A plumber can locate any potential leakage or bursts. Once they’ve detected the problem, they’ll perform the necessary repairs to avoid further damage.

Stagnant Water Trapped in the Basin

Your sump pump only works to remove built-up groundwater once it reaches a specific level in the basin. However, a broken sump pump may not activate, or its float switch may not correctly empty the basin thoroughly. As a result, smelly stagnant water filled with mold, bacteria, and mildew will pool inside.

Another probable cause of stagnant water in the sump pit is a faulty check valve in the sump pump system. Whenever your check valve fails, the water that it pushes from the basement rushes back inside when the sump pump shuts off. As a result, the basin perpetually fills with water that eventually turns foul. You’ll have to have a professional diagnose these issues to determine the best course of action.

Extensive Sump Pump or Plumbing Failure

In the worst-case circumstance, a sump pump stench indicates a cracked or damaged section of your plumbing. You could find this broken component in your plumbing system or on the sump pump itself. In either case, you may discover your sump pump has become unable to function.

Old age, leaks causing excessive corrosion, motor failure, and other factors might play roles in why components are irrevocably damaged. Because the harm can be substantial, evaluating these issues on your own can be nearly impossible. You may require a complete sump pump replacement service to prevent further complications.

You can trust the experts at Allegiance Service Group to know what to do when your sump pump smells like sewage. We’ll quickly identify the issue at hand and make the necessary repairs or replacements to keep your basement and plumbing in tip-top shape. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our services.