Water Line Repair

While the plumbing system in your home may seem complex, it is surprisingly simple. Your home is connected to your city’s water source and receives pressurized, treated water. The main water line then transports water throughout your house and connects with all other necessary pipes and appliances such as your water heater or shower. Since the water main is an incredibly important part of modern life, keeping it fully intact is incredibly important. Any leaks or burst pipes can prevent your faucets and toilets from working, flood your home, and cause a range of other issues.  

Our Trenchless Water Line Repair Services 

Allegiance Service Group hopes to become your go-to partner for all your water line repair services in Lake County and Cook County, IL. We specialize in trenchless water line replacement, which allows us to do the work we need to do, but without completely digging up your pipes and causing a disturbance on your property. Trenchless technology allows our technicians to perform water line repairs quickly and efficiently. This method is also far less expensive than traditional water service line repair.

There are many reasons you may need to repair or replace a water line. The following are a few of the more common ones:

  • Corrosion: Pipes are subject to a wide variety of conditions underground. From groundwater flow to conductive soil, there are many things that will slowly eat away at the pipe walls. 
  • Freezing: As water freezes, it also expands. If the water in your pipes expands too much, it can surpass the amount of pressure your pipe can withstand, causing it to burst. This is all too common with Chicago’s inclement weather, especially during the fall and winter.  
  • Soil conditions: The overall condition of the soil for underground pipes can influence the pipe’s integrity over time. Pressure, movement, groundwater, and even the plant roots can weaken a pipe if given enough time. 

What To Expect From Allegiance Service Group 

Allegiance Service Group hopes to become your trusted partner in all your water line repair needs for your home or commercial business. We provide exceptional customer service and strive to always get the job done right. If you need trenchless water line replacement in Lake County, IL, don’t hesitate to request service from our team of professional plumbers today. Simply fill out a service form or call us at 847-857-8171.