4 Signs You Need Sump Pump Repair or Replacement

Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Repair or Replacement

Sump pumps are a useful piece of equipment to have in any basement. Not only do they let you know when your water levels are becoming too high, but they also take the initiative of pumping that excess liquid out and away from your foundation. As such, they’re often the key to preventing floods and keeping your property in quality condition. However, even these resilient devices can reach their breaking point, and it’s vital that you can recognize when they do. These are some of the signs your sump pump needs repair or replacement.

Frequent On and Off Cycling

Sump pumps operate by turning on when the water is too high and shutting off once the collecting basin is empty. Unfortunately, though, systems connected to smaller basins can misread them as full—even when they aren’t. This triggers the sump pump to cycle on and off regularly, potentially burning out the motor. If this is happening to you, the best solution is to install a larger basin. This way, your sump pump’s readings will be more accurate, and it will only activate when needed.

Strange and Loud Noises

You should also take note of any strange or loud sounds you hear coming from your sump pump. A properly running system shouldn’t produce noise when activated. As such, anything above a soft humming sound could be an indicator that something’s wrong. Failing motors and jammed impellers are two of the more common malfunctions that produce loud noises and require sump pump repairs.

Excessive Vibrations While Running

Another important sign you may need sump pump maintenance performed is that it’s excessively vibrating while in use. Every sump pump uses an impeller to draw in water for the pumping process. But, should this component sustain damage, it can throw the rest of the system off-balance, causing it to vibrate. For this reason, this occurrence should prompt immediate inspection and repair.

It’s Been Years Since Installation

You should consider getting a sump pump replacement after a set period of time as well. Even if you don’t have a notable issue with your system, their average lifespan is still only between seven and ten years. After this point, parts deteriorate at a much faster rate, and performance suffers as a result. Because of this, you should always consider old age a valuable indicator that you may need sump pump repairs.

If you happen to notice any of these telltale signs you need sump pump repairs or replacements, reach out to us at Allegiance Service Group. Our sump pump repair services are quick and effective, ensuring that you always have the means to control the water flow in your building. So, give us a call today for these or any of your other plumbing concerns.