Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair in the Chicago Area


If you do any amount of cooking in your kitchen, you know that it’s impossible to prevent food waste. Even pre-cooked meals will result in plenty of gunk getting scraped off plates and cutlery. When food waste builds up inside your kitchen sink’s drain, it can cause problems. Fortunately, Allegiance Service Group provides the best garbage disposal installation in the Chicago area and the surrounding neighborhoods, along with many other essential services, so you can make it easy for leftover food bits to pass through your pipes.


Having a garbage disposal offers you many different benefits. Food waste gets ground up and flushed out of your kitchen and out of your house using your garbage disposal. This helps to prevent foul odors from accumulating when filth and grime adhere to your drainpipes. Clogged drains can also lead to more serious and costly plumbing issues, so choosing Allegiance Service Group for garbage disposal installation in the Chicago area will help you save money in the long term.

Furthermore, having a professional install your new garbage disposal will save you a lot of time and many headaches. Garbage disposal installation can also be tricky; it requires knowledge and skill to properly modify and reroute plumbing and pipes, which is tough for anyone who is inexperienced. Luckily, you can be sure our professionals are well trained and equipped to get everything up and running effectively from the start.

Repairs & Replacements

We also provide various other extremely valuable services. Do you have an issue with your garbage disposal? No problem! Our specialists are also available to conduct all your garbage disposal repairs in the Chicago area and the surrounding neighborhoods. Garbage disposals hold several moving parts that can malfunction, from damaged blades to blockages to ruptured pipes. We’ll identify the problem quickly and get your trash disposal back to working order. If it’s starting to show signs of age and doesn’t work properly anymore, we can also perform garbage disposal replacements in the Chicago area and beyond.

How To Keep Your Disposal in Working Order

There are some beneficial practices you can try to help ensure your disposal stays in good condition. Breaking up larger portions of food into tiny pieces and processing them separately will help your unit in a big way. Always use cold water in your garbage disposal. This will keep any fats or oils from hardening and plugging your drain.

Also, make sure you’re just using the garbage disposal for food scraps. Foods that stretch—such as spaghetti, rice, animal bones, grease, fat, and oil—and glass, plastic, and metal objects are among the materials you should avoid flushing down the drain.

Trust the pros of Allegiance Service Group to take care of all your garbage disposal and plumbing needs. Feel to contact us with any questions or service requests you may have.