Service Call Request Form

Service Call Request Form

Thank you for choosing Allegiance Service Group! We are happy to serve you and provide the best quality work for your needs! Please fill out the information below and acknowledge our payment policy prior to your appointment. 

Service Call Payment Policy

Please acknowledge the below payment policy for all service call requests prior to your appointment.

A $50 service call fee is issued to all service requests and then the price is $176 per hour (per technician) with a 1 hour minimum. The customer is also responsible for the cost of materials. Payments are due in full at the time of service.  If the service call work is not completed by ASG a $75 fee will be issued.

Exact quotes or estimates can not be confidently assessed prior to the work being completed in most cases due to any unknowns the technicians may come across while working on your request. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to work as efficiently as possible while still providing above excellent work.

Labor Rates:
ST is M-F 7am-4pm, OT is x1.5 hourly rate, x1.5 on Saturday, x2 on Sundays and Holidays.