Reasons Why You Run Out of Hot Water So Quickly

The way you and your staff use your commercial hot water heater matters. These are the main reasons why you run out of hot water so quickly.
Reasons Why You Run Out of Hot Water So Quickly

In commercial settings, hot water is vital for business operations and consumer comfort. Imagine a bathroom sink with no hot water in the winter. Or a kitchen that needs hot water for quick boils and cooking efficiency. Should your hot water fail you, it’s crucial to check the hot water tank. Here are the top reasons why you run out of hot water so quickly.

Simultaneous Appliance Usage

One of the most common reasons you run out of hot water so quickly at your place of business is overuse. When you, your staff, and your customers simultaneously use water-based appliances, the hot water will deplete faster. If you operate a commercial kitchen or restaurant, you likely have many hot water appliances like dishwashers, sanitizers, faucets, hoses, and hot drink dispensers.

Thick Sediment Buildup

Another problem you may experience with hot water shortages is thick layers of sediment buildup inside your water heater. Though you may filter and purify your water before it enters the holding tank, you can’t avoid every particle of debris.

When sediment accumulates, there is less and less volume in the tank for the water. Furthermore, the layer of sand and dirt will act as an insulator between the heater at the bottom and the water on top. The sediment is a one-two punch, crippling your heater’s efficiency and storage capacity.

Incompatible Tank Size

Every business hopes to have the good problems associated with rapid growth. However, one unforeseen issue is the ratio of business size to water usage. Previously, you had balanced scales where hot water usage equaled hot water storage volume. Say you expanded your kitchen or added a bigger bathroom; your hot water tank may now be too small to effectively handle the new water needs.

As you assess your situation, remember these potential reasons why you run out of hot water so quickly. If you need expert assessments and solutions, our team at Allegiance Service Group offers quick tankless hot water heater installation.

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