Power Rodding, Drain Rodding & Sewer Rodding in the Greater Chicago Area

When obstructions such as grease, sludge, or even tree roots block drains or pipes, power rodding is one of the best methods of clearing the pipe walls. A power rodding system utilizes a flexible metal cable that gets fed into the pipe. The cable holds a cleaning head with sharp cutting teeth, which is sized to the specific pipe that is blocked. At this point, an external motor rotates the metal cable, and the cleaning head rapidly spins, cutting through the source of the clog and scraping the pipe walls to remove any additional sludge or buildup. Power rodding is one of the most efficient and reliable ways to clear heavy blockages from nearly any pipe.  

Our Power Rodding Services 

The experienced technicians at Allegiance Service Group provide professional sewer rodding services to a variety of customers in Lake County, IL, and the northwest suburbs of Chicago. We have decades of experience working on the pipes found in homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, and businesses. Our highly trained team will not only clear the problem blockage, but we will inform you about the best maintenance schedule to avoid future clogging problems.  You won’t find a better and more reliable company to perform power rodding in Chicago and the surrounding area.

Our plumbers can efficiently clear blockages from nearly any kind of pipe or drain. Here is a short list of some of the applications of our power rodding services.  

  • Interior drain lines. 
  • Grease trap pipes.  
  • Laundry drain lines. 
  • Drain tile systems. 
  • Exterior drain lines. 
  • Sewer lines. 
  • Storm drains. 
  • Sump pump lines. 

What To Expect From Allegiance Service Group 

Allegiance Service Group hopes to become your one-stop shop for all your plumbing needs—whether we’re working on your home or a commercial business. As with all our service offerings, you can be sure our power rodding in the Chicago area is quick, efficient, and effective. When you work with our team and adhere to our maintenance recommendations, you’ll hopefully never have to deal with serious pipe blockages and obstructions again. 

If you’re seeking services such as power and sewer rodding in Chicago and Lake County, IL, don’t hesitate to request service from us today. Simply fill out a service form or call us at 847-857-8171.