Important Things You Should Know About Sewer Rodding

Plumbing problems are a nightmare to handle, especially when you know nothing about pipes. These are the important things you should know about sewer rodding.
Important Things You Should Know About Sewer Rodding

The pipes keep clogging and you have no way to dissolve the problem on your own. While plumbing problems sound like an easy fix, the truth is there is an entire array of specialized equipment—like the sewer rod—to handle piping issues. Keep these important things you should know about sewer rodding in mind as you plan your solution.

It Requires Unique Tools

Plumbers know the ins and outs of almost all water-related hardware in your home. From sinks to toilets to pipes—they have a handle on it all. If a piping professional decides that power rodding is the way to go, then you know they understand the severity of the problem at hand.

First things first—sewer rodding requires unique tools—ones you’re not likely to have in your garage. The primary tool is the flexible rod composed of multiple smaller rods that screw together. The resultant piece extends many meters, giving plumbers the dexterity and longevity to manage blockages deep within your piping network.

Leave It to the Professionals

It’s one thing to reattach the toilet float; it’s quite another to feed a meters-long polypropylene rod through invisible pipes. Sewer rodding is best left to the professionals—this is not a DIY project. Though sewer rodding is an effective method, the efficacy lies in the hands that hold the rod.

It’s Effective and Accurate

Sewer rodding may sound like a blind jab in the dark, hoping that something will dislodge and restore the flow of water. This description would be a disservice to the skilled hand that guides a sewer rod through your home’s pipes. Sewer rodding services are effective and accurate.

Now that you understand the important things you should know about sewer rodding, you can make an appointment with a plumbing professional. If you have any questions about sewer rodding services or would like to solve your piping issues, reach out to our team at Allegiance Service Group today. Our team can turn your clog into clean in no time.