How To Tell if Your Water Line Needs Repair

How To Tell if Your Water Line Needs Repair

Water is an essential utility for every building, especially commercial spaces that rely on water to provide their high-quality services. But if your water main starts leaking, you could have trouble accessing clean, affordable, pressurized water. Here is how to tell if your water line needs repair.

Unexplained Pooling

Since the ground is naturally uneven, it’s normal to expect small pools of water to form on a property with a lawn or green area. However, this buildup should only happen during or in the immediate aftermath of precipitation. If you’ve noticed water pooling in your grass without explanation, you could have an issue with the water line underneath.

Soaring Water Bills

You must pay for utilities on your property, including water. If you run a business like a hotel or restaurant, you know that water usage fluctuates. However, you should have an average estimate of your water bill regardless of monthly variances.

If you notice your water bill soaring higher and higher past what you normally pay, you could have a water line issue. Since the water company assumes you are using the water at your tap, it will charge you for the liquid leaking from your pipes. Unnaturally high water bills that increase every month are a good reason to have a professional check your water line.

Dropping Water Pressure

Water companies must transport all the water you use from storage tanks to your property. While they take great advantage of gravity and mechanical pumps, they heavily rely on steady pressure inside. If you notice dropping water pressure that doesn’t improve with a regulator, you could have a water main problem.

Knowing how to tell if your water line needs repair can save you from massive headaches down the road. If you detect any of these signs at your property, reach out to our team at Allegiance Service Group. Schedule an appointment today, so our specialists can come out to your site and start water service line repair on your malfunctioning pipes.