Backflow Inspections: What They Are, Why They’re Important

We rarely think about plumbing maintenance and health until an emergency arises. This is what backflow inspections are and why they're important.
Backflow Inspections: What They Are, Why They're Important

Pipes deliver clean water to your facility and carry wastewater out. All pipes operate with a unidirectional flow, so when fluids begin moving out of place, there is a serious problem. Here is what backflow inspections are and why they’re important.

What Is a Backflow Inspection?

Backflow describes a situation in which water flows through your plumbing in the wrong direction. For example, your wastewater pipes should only carry liquid to a water treatment plant. If you notice this liquid moving back toward your facility, you have a backflow issue.

When Do You Need Them?

A backflow inspection will determine the amount of water, if any, that runs in reverse through your plumbing system. While you can’t help if a freak accident occurs, the best plan of action is preparedness. You need backflow inspections to avoid the crisis of an emergency and to ensure that your facility meets all safety standards.

Why Are They Important?

When clean water gets out of its typical basin or pipe, it’s a hassle to clean up. Spilling bathtubs, leaking sinks, and faulty water heaters all pose considerable headaches to property owners. But water isn’t always clean and safe.

If you have wastewater backflow, you could contaminate your clean water system, leading to harmful health and safety risks. Even clean water can cause mold to grow if it remains in cool, dark places like walls and crevices. Considering you operate a commercial space or large-scale residential facility, these backflows pose a threat to your business’s success. Don’t let bad pipes ruin your profitability or sabotage your health ratings.

Knowing what backflow inspections are and why they’re important helps business owners of all kinds ensure they meet health standards. Whether you operate a culinary or residential business, you should never worry about your customer’s safety. Reach out to a local professional like our Lake County plumbers at Allegiance Service Group to schedule an inspection and get proactive with your plumbing.