4 Common Plumbing Issues Chicagoans Face Throughout the Year

If you’re experiencing one of the common plumbing issues Chicagoans face throughout the year, learn the signs you should recognize, and call a plumber.
4 Common Plumbing Issues Chicagoans Face Throughout the Year

Your home’s plumbing system is incredibly complex and interconnected with many components. We rely on this network of pipes, valves, connections, and other parts to work together to make modern life possible. Unfortunately, dealing with issues with the plumbing system—especially in a wintry location such as Chicago—can be a frustrating experience. Understanding some of the most frequent complications you may experience will help you act quickly to resolve the issue. Continue reading to explore four common plumbing issues Chicagoans face throughout the year.

Frozen Pipes

When water freezes, it possesses a peculiar tendency to expand. As a result, frozen water in pipes can cause them to burst, cutting off your water supply. Pipes can freeze in just a few hours of below-freezing conditions. You’ll find that this is a frequent issue in Chicago during the harsh winters. Call a plumber as soon as you realize your pipes have burst.

Water Heater Troubles

Taking a shower and being sprayed in the face with cold water can be unpleasant at best. When you notice you can’t get hot water out of any tap, you may be experiencing problems with your water heater. Water heater issues can occur for various reasons, ranging from minor cracks and leaks to the potentially need for a complete replacement. You should never try to DIY problems with your water heater because doing so risks severe harm.

Rusty Galvanized Pipes

Many people love the beauty and character of older Chicago homes, but these residences can come with their own unique set of issues. Galvanized pipe is made of iron that’s been coated with zinc. Zinc corrodes over time, subjecting the pipes to rust and damage. These rusty pipes can tint your water orange and make it dangerous to drink.

Sewer Line Problems

Sewer pipes transport wastewater from your home to public sewers. Sewer line complications are inconvenient and unsightly, but they can also be dangerous to your health. Clogs and leaks are the most frequent sewage line issues you’ll encounter. Old, damaged pipes or tree root intrusions are the most common reasons for these complications.

If you’re experiencing one of the four common plumbing issues Chicagoans face throughout the year, call the professionals at Allegiance Service Group right away. We’re your trusted Lake County plumbers who can fix any problem you might be facing. Also, feel free to contact us with any questions about our services.