3 Questions To Consider When Hiring Your Plumber

Hiring a qualified plumber can be a hassle for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three easy questions to consider when hiring your plumber.
3 Questions To Consider When Hiring Your Plumber

When hiring anyone to do a specialized service, it’s important to ask specific questions to determine if they’re the best for the job. Asking the right questions can help you identify certain strengths or weaknesses that may not be apparent from their online portfolio. We’ve outlined three essential questions to consider when hiring your plumber.

Are You Licensed?

The most important question to ask your plumber is if they’re licensed. Ensure you hire a licensed professional to avoid any misconduct and mishaps. A licensed plumber has gone through the appropriate schooling and government-required testing to know how to properly conduct the service while complying with relevant codes and building practices.

Licensed plumbers are knowledgeable and skilled. They’ll be able to fulfill your needs and do so confidently.

Are You Insured?

Insurance is super important when hiring a plumber or licensed contractor. When a plumber is insured, this means that in the event that any damages occur, they’ll be able to cover them. This will prevent damages from coming out of your pocket. Insurance is also a good indicator that your plumber is prepared to take on any risks associated with the job and has protective measures in place.

How Do You Charge Your Clients?

Another question to ask your potential plumber is about their rates. Knowing what your plumber chargers per project, as well as their timelines for payments, can help you prepare your financial plan or identify any red flags.

Different areas of the home in need of plumbing may incur different costs. Be sure to ask how these costs are determined (for example: by difficulty, project length, and complexity). Typically, plumbers charge in installments or require a deposit and request a remaining payment when the job is complete. Beware of plumbers who charge the total price before starting the job, as this may be a red flag.

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